• Record and Playback Video and Audio Archives
  • Powerful Search and Retrieval Tools
  • ANR Technology (Patent Pending)
  • Multiple Recording Modes
  • Video Authentication by Watermarking
  • Pre-configured for Easy Installation
  • Gigabit Ethernet Interface
  • Unlimited Scalability
  • Details
    Hardware Personal Computer
    CPU Pentium III Xeon or IV, 1.8 GHz or better
    HDD Interface IDE or better; optional: SCSI II, SCSI Ultra or Fibre Channel
    RAM 1024 MByte
    OS Windows 2000 32‑bitWindows Server 2003 32‑bit
    Graphic Card VGA
    Ethernet Card 100/1000 MBit
    Free Memory(Installation) 20 MByte
    Set-up Centralized set-up from each authorized PC Access via VIDOS or integrated Web server
    Storage Media All storage media possible (e.g. HD, RAID), depending on operating system
    Storage Mode Linear mode or Ring mode (capacity based)
    Activation Continuous Scheduled Alarm-triggered
    Recording Camera name assignment
    Configuration Bandwidth limit Frame rate Video quality
    Recording Content Video data Audio data
    Authentication Watermarking
    Search Parameters Time Date Event
    Playback Playback via VIDOS or Archive Player over any IP network (LAN/WAN) Simultaneous recording, playback and back-up, Sophisticated playback features
    Expansion Limitless expansion of the system by addition of: cameras, video servers, storage devices or capacity, VIDOS‑NVR modules


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    VIDOS-NVR 04.10.0039 ZIP


MHW-SM4M1-UK BVMS CS/NVR Small, NVR Large for UK

Bosch VMS CS/NVR Small, NVR Large, UK localization kit

Commercial Type No.: MHW-SM4M1-UK
Product No.: F.01U.033.648