Access Professional Edition 3.6

Access Professional Edition 3.6
  • Software for access control and security management utilizing the innovative Access Modular Controller family
  • Cardholder administration of up to 10,000 cardholders
  • Graphical location map with device control via both map and device tree
  • Alarm management with details via alarm list and animated GIFs on interactive location maps
  • Video verification, video alarm verification, and video monitoring of live and recorded events
  • Online swipe and attendance overview

Product variants

ASL-APE3P-BASE License for basic package

1 Client, 16 Readers, 2,000 Cards

Commercial Type No.: ASL-APE3P-BASE
Product No.: F.01U.298.461

ASL-APE3P-BEXT License for extended basic package

2 Clients, 64 Readers, 10,000 Cards

Commercial Type No.: ASL-APE3P-BEXT
Product No.: F.01U.298.462

ASL-APE3P-RDR License for reader expansion

16 additional readers.

Commercial Type No.: ASL-APE3P-RDR
Product No.: F.01U.298.463

ASL-APE3P-CLI License for user/client expansion

One additional client

Commercial Type No.: ASL-APE3P-CLI
Product No.: F.01U.298.464

ASL-APE3P-VIDB License for video basic package

Enables video with 16 channels

Commercial Type No.: ASL-APE3P-VIDB
Product No.: F.01U.298.465

ASL-APE3P-OLSB License Pegasys offline basic package

Enables Offline Locking System (OLS) with 16 doors

Commercial Type No.: ASL-APE3P-OLSB
Product No.: F.01U.298.467

ASL-APE3P-OLSE License for Pegasys offline extension

One additional door for the Offline Locking System (OLS).

Commercial Type No.: ASL-APE3P-OLSE
Product No.: F.01U.298.468

ASL-APE3P-RDRL License for reader limit up to 512

Extends APE to a maximum number of 512 readers.

Commercial Type No.: ASL-APE3P-RDRL
Product No.: F.01U.298.469

ASL-APE3P-XPRO License for Milestone XProtect Plugin

Video management and security management handled through the Milestone XProtect system, with Entrance monitoring, Video verification, Mapviewer, and Alarm management.

Commercial Type No.: ASL-APE3P-XPRO
Product No.: F.01U.298.569

ASL-APE3P-API License for SDK for cardholder data

Software Development Kit (SDK) to connect APE, for example, to a Time & Attendance system: to import cardholder master records, and to export access control events. The SDK, with its command set, has its own documentation.

Commercial Type No.: ASL-APE3P-API
Product No.: F.01U.309.138

ASL-APE3P-VIDE License for video expansion

16 additional channels.

Commercial Type No.: ASL-APE3P-VIDE
Product No.: F.01U.298.466