SOLO101 Extension pole

Commercial Type No.: SOLO101
Product No.: 4.998.112.070

SOLO101 Extension pole
  • Non-conductive at voltage of 20 kV
  • Expandable with other fixed extension poles
  • Extension for the SOLO100 Telescopic access pole
  • Details
    Conductivity Tested per BS EN 61235 Section 12; applied voltage 20 kV
    Color Red
    Length*Purchased in the AmericasPurchased elsewhere 1.13 m (3.7 ft.)1 m (3.3 ft.)
    Material Pull-wound glass fiber
    * The length and labelling of the product varies with the region in which it is purchased. in the Americas, the product is labelled SOLO101. Elsewhere, the product is labelled SOLO107-126.


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