Bosch EVAX System - High-rise Applications

Bosch EVAX System - High-rise Applications
  • Master panel with capability for multiple distributed panels
  • Operates as stand‑alone or connected to an FACP
  • Network transmission over fiber optic or copper pair cable
  • Digitized live voice and prerecorded messaging
  • Zone paging control
  • Fan and damper control
  • Meets area of refuge/rescue assistance communication requirements
  • Variety of accessories available for system customization

Product variants

HMB-MP16 Master panel, 16 switch/input

16 Switch/Input, includes DCC, ASC, SSC, PWR-2A, MMC, 1‑SLC, 1‑IOI, Swing Door and Cabinet

Commercial Type No.: HMB-MP16
Product No.: F.01U.201.668

HMB-DP Distributed panel, 4 audio circuits

Includes DCC, MBR, AMI, 1‑MBK IN Standard Cabinet, no amplifiers in basic assembly

Commercial Type No.: HMB-DP
Product No.: F.01U.201.674

HMB-DP/P Distributed panel, 4 fire phone circuits

Includes DCC, MBR, 1‑FPI, PWR‑2A used for phone only systems

Commercial Type No.: HMB-DP/P
Product No.: F.01U.201.675

HMB-DP-42 Distributed panel, 16 audio circuits

Includes DCC, AMI, 2‑MBR, 4‑MBK, 2‑MBI in CAB‑42 Cabinet

Commercial Type No.: HMB-DP-42
Product No.: F.01U.201.676



EVX-T2885 Power transformer for EVX-25E

Open frame, 28 VAC @ 100 VA

Commercial Type No.: EVX-T2885
Product No.: 4.998.143.738


EVX-T17528 Power transformer for EVX-50E/100E

Open frame, 28 VAC @ 180 VA

Commercial Type No.: EVX-T17528
Product No.: 4.998.143.739


MB-FH Fire phone handset

Color red, 6 mount in MB‑TC cabinet

Commercial Type No.: MB-FH
Product No.: F.01U.201.684


MB-FJ Fire phone jack, single gang plate

Brushed stainless steel single gang plate

Commercial Type No.: MB-FJ
Product No.: F.01U.201.683


MB-FO Fiber optic card

Provides termination for Fiber Optic communications between the Master Panel and the Distributed Panels

Commercial Type No.: MB-FO
Product No.: F.01U.201.681


MB-FPO2 Fire phone output

Extra terminal card that must be used with the 2nd, 3rd and 4th MB‑FPI cards in a Distributed Panel

Commercial Type No.: MB-FPO2
Product No.: F.01U.201.680


MB-FS Fire phone station, surface-mount

Coil cord, thumb turn latch, cabinet: red, surface/semi-flush mount

H x W x D: 12-3/4 x 7 1/4 x 3 3/4 in.

Commercial Type No.: MB-FS
Product No.: F.01U.201.686


MB-MFA Master fire phone assembly (MP's)

Master Panel's Fire Phone handset, plate and interface PC board

Commercial Type No.: MB-MFA
Product No.: F.01U.201.671


MB-OI Extended output interface,16-output

Adds 16 outputs to Master Panel

Commercial Type No.: MB-OI
Product No.: F.01U.201.673


MB-TC Fire phone handset cabinet

Cabinet: charcoal gray, surface/semi-flush mount, key lock

H x W x D: 27 x 14-1/2 x 4 in.

Commercial Type No.: MB-TC
Product No.: F.01U.201.685


MB-WS Warden station, armored-cable

Cabinet: red, surface/semi-flush mount

H x W x D: 12‑3/4 x 7‑1/4 x 3‑3/4 in.

Commercial Type No.: MB-WS
Product No.: F.01U.201.687


MB-XI Extended input interface, 16-input

Adds 16 inputs to Master Panel

Commercial Type No.: MB-XI
Product No.: F.01U.201.672