EOL: FN‑4127‑IO Input/Output Card

Commercial Type No.: FN-4127-IO
Product No.: F.01U.076.525

FN‑4127‑IO Input/Output Card
  • 32 input / output cards per FN‑2127‑220V Fire Panel on RS485 bus
  • 16 input / output channels
  • Each channel configurable as input or output point
  • Inputs are opto-isolated non-supervised pull down type triggered by dry contact from input source
  • Outputs are open collector transistor pull down type that provide wet voltage output
  • Simple four‑wire connection to the fire panel or an accessory housing up to 4000 ft away
  • Each input / output card has a unique address and two LEDs for status information
  • Details
    Input Voltage 24 VDC, nominal
    Maximum Current Consumption
    Standby 20 mA
    Input 3 mA maximum
    Output 100 mA maximum
    Current per bank of 8 outputs max. 500 mA (for banks 1‑8 and 9‑16)
    Current per FN‑4127‑IO max. 1 A
    Dimensions (H x W) 2.4 in. x 7.5 in.
    Wiring Size max. 12 AWG
    Channels 16 (configurable as input or output)
    Port RS485 (two‑wire)
    LED indication 2 (communication status)


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