BIS - Basic Package V4.5

BIS - Basic Package V4.5
  • Integration of Bosch and third party systems via open interfaces and SDK
  • All relevant information in one user interface, and intuitive operation via interactive maps and HTML5 action plans
  • Fully embedded access control
  • Full event log and audit trail for forensic investigations
  • Scalable system that grows with your needs

Product variants

BIS-BUPG-B2TO42 BIS Upgrade from 2.x to 4.2

License for an upgrade of BIS 2.x to BIS 4.2

Commercial Type No.: BIS-BUPG-B2TO42
Product No.: F.01U.327.525

BIS-BUPG-B3TO42 BIS Upgrade from 3.x to 4.2

License for an upgrade of BIS 3.x to BIS 4.2

Commercial Type No.: BIS-BUPG-B3TO42
Product No.: F.01U.327.526

BIS-BGEN-B45 Basic license

License for the Building Integration System (BIS) product as downloaded from the website. No physical parts are delivered and the user documentation is contained in the download.

Commercial Type No.: BIS-BGEN-B45
Product No.: F.01U.346.049

BIS-BGEN-BAS45 Basic license without alarm documents

License for BIS without the Alarm Document package, that is without display of action plans, display of location maps, graphical navigation, and layer controlling.

Commercial Type No.: BIS-BGEN-BAS45
Product No.: F.01U.346.050

BIS-FGEN-AMPK45 License for alarm management

License for the BIS Alarm Management package

Commercial Type No.: BIS-FGEN-AMPK45
Product No.: F.01U.346.051

BIS-XGEN-1CLI45 License for 1 operator client

License for 1 additional BIS Operator Client

Commercial Type No.: BIS-XGEN-1CLI45
Product No.: F.01U.346.052

BIS-XGEN-5CLI45 License for 5 operator clients

License for 5 additional BIS Operator Clients

Commercial Type No.: BIS-XGEN-5CLI45
Product No.: F.01U.346.053

BIS-XGEN-10CL45 License for 10 operator clients

License for 10 additional BIS Operator Clients

Commercial Type No.: BIS-XGEN-10CL45
Product No.: F.01U.346.054

BIS-XGEN-1DIV45 License for 1 division

License for 1 additional BIS Division

Commercial Type No.: BIS-XGEN-1DIV45
Product No.: F.01U.346.055

BIS-XGEN-10DV45 License for 10 divisions

License for 10 additional BIS Divisions

Commercial Type No.: BIS-XGEN-10DV45
Product No.: F.01U.346.056

BIS-FGEN-MSRV45 License for multi server connect

License for 1 additional BIS server in a multi-server topology. Required for adding servers to a hierarchy of ACE servers providing centralized cardholder management.

Commercial Type No.: BIS-FGEN-MSRV45
Product No.: F.01U.346.057

BIS-FGEN-BVMS45 License for BVMS connectivity

License for the connection between 1 BIS and 1 BVMS installation

Commercial Type No.: BIS-FGEN-BVMS45
Product No.: F.01U.346.079